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12-12-2011, 02:03 PM
Automated Character Copy is now available on Lamannia!

What is character copy?

Character Copy is an automated feature available through the DDO website that will allow you to create a snapshot of your live server character on the Lamannia server at your leisure. Your character will still be available to play on the live servers!

How do I copy my character?
Just follow these steps to copy your characters on the live servers to Lamannia!

Log into ddo.com / the forums.
Go to: https://transfers.ddo.com/en/character-transfers
Use the drop down menu to select the server your character is on
Use the secondary drop down to select Lamannia
Click the “Copy ” button

A copy of the selected characters will be automatically created on the Lamannia preview server.

What is copied? Are my DDO Store purchases copied too?
Your character, their inventory, and their favor will be copied to Lamannia. Please note that premium account features (examples: character slots, content packs, premium races/classes) and Turbine Points do NOT copy over to Lamannia. Only physical items inventory purchased from the DDO Store will be included in the copy (examples: potions, weapons, bags/quivers, scrolls, rods, tasty hams).

Is there anything else to be aware of?
If you're using character copy to participate in Lamannia, please note:

You must be logged into the website or the character copy page will not display. If you receive an error with that link, login out and back in and trying the link again normally solves the issue.
All characters across all servers will be listed as available copy choices -- make sure you pick the right character from the right server!
You can only copy each character ONCE.
The character copy may fail if there is already a character with the same name on Lamannia, though the copy process does attempt to rename your character if the name already exists.
You cannot copy a character from Lamannia back to the live servers.
Make sure you have enough character slots on Lamannia available for the characters you intend to copy. Note that character slots purchased on the live servers through the DDO Store are not retained in the character copy.
Favor rewards are not copied with your characters. If you have unlocked Drow or Favored Soul via favor, a copy a character over that has that race or class, you will need to purchase the class or race from the Lamannia DDO store in order to log in with the character. If you have no points are available in the Lamannia DDO Store, log in with a new character and find Lord Poincelot who will grant you free Lamannia-only DDO Store points.
Please note that your shared bank is not included in the copy and items inside the shared bank will not be copied. Only the standard bank and bank slots earned via favor will be retained.
Lamannia is a beta-only server, and Lamannia character data/copies may be wiped at any time between or during previews.
Remember that your DDO Store account purchases do not copy over! Example: If you copy over a Drow to Lamannia, you will not be able to access your Drow until you unlock Drow on Lamannia with Lamannia Turbine Points.
Remember that your Turbine Point balance does not copy over.
The character copy feature is in beta, and we will be unable to assist with character copy issues at this time. Note that if your character's character sheet is not properly displaying or not properly updating in MyDDO it greatly increases the chances that the character will fail to copy to Lamannia.

11-27-2013, 09:52 AM
Until further notice, Character Copy process is unable to be completed.

Stay tuned to this thread for more information as it becomes available to me.

If you attempt a character copy, you will find yourself stuck at the 'In Progress' state and it will not change until we fix the tool.

05-15-2014, 12:10 PM
As of this time, the Character copy tool is back online and able to be used. I have updated the link in this thread to point to the proper character copy tool