View Full Version : Please rethink characters storage pricing policies

05-30-2012, 05:16 AM
I find really awkward the pricing of these items in the store.

An inventory tab costs 600 tp and counts only for one toon. I mean, really? I will think a lot about buying one even at 50% off... same for character bank.

1 character slot costs the same and offer 3 backpack slots + 1 bank.

Shared bank costs 1500 tp, it's like, "hey, will i buy 3-4 adventure packs or shared bank?" Guess what one will choose... but it's more understandable since the perk of passing loot among toons goes a bit further in gameplay actual advantages.

I think Turbine should seriously consider rethink their pricing policy on these items.

How i think these prices should be changed:

Inventory slot: 300 TP
Bank slot: 200
Character slot: 500 TP
Shared bank: 1200

A nice add could be; new shared bank only for 1 server: 700 TP.

Or else, another suggestion is to RAISE the inventory and bank slot cost up to 700-800 TP but unlock them for all toons on all servers.

Also, since a lot of new content is coming, add a new favor unlockable inventory slot or bank slot at least. Make us put more stuff into bags, spell components included.

The inventory cluttering problem only gives useless stress to players, no one wants to lose half of their playtime trying to guess what they should sell, keep and destroy.

Hear these suggestions Turbine, give us a bit more relaxing experiencing, you will have your gain from new packs anyway! :)

Also, i am not demanding to have free features, but i am trying to avoid bad future situations where also monthly paying VIPs could be grasped in when the forgotten adventure packs will add a lot of new items.

Thanks for reading.

05-30-2012, 02:42 PM
Shared bank costs 1500 tp, it's like, "hey, will i buy 3-4 adventure packs or shared bank?" Guess what one will choose...

Yes. I'm playing for fun, for Story - not for gear.

So an adventure pack is something I *always* chose first ...

Which means, on the other hand, that I fuind the "Shared Bank" overly expansive ... It costs more than several low-level adventure packs combined ? No, thanks.

Unfortunately, when the last iscount of it was taking place I couldn't spend TPs on it, because it was a very expensive month for me so I had to take care a bit of what to buy ...

And personally, I'd like to have the Shared Bank like an inventory : X slots for free, more for purchase ... 5 would be sufficient, imho, especially for Newbies.

I assume tht hardcore players always need some more slots, because they simply have more gear (and Scrolls ! and Potions !), too ...