View Full Version : ClickandBuy Payment option.

05-29-2012, 08:39 PM
This is ridiculous. I bought and paid for the 79.99 pre-order and mistakenly decided to use the ClickandBuy option. It's been over 5 hours since my "purchase". My card was charged right away, but ClickandBuy has yet to submit my payment to digitalRiver.

I called DDO support and they indicated that Clickand Buy is a terrible payment option, but there is nothing they can do as this is between ClickandBuy and DigitalRiver. They recommended that I submit a complaint to ClickandBuy.

So I did just that.

Been 2 hours since then. Still nothing.

I feel like I've been ripped off. Are other people experiencing the same issues with ClickandBuy or is it just me?