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05-23-2012, 05:08 AM
Hi all,

the last month was busy with activity and we like to trade a few E-scrolls against other E-scrolls or goodys we could need. Feel free to contact me on Wayfinder: Stonie/Leos or ask another offi from Drachenzorn.

We have in our "store" atm:

E-Scrolls House D
1x / Epic Deneith Heavy Chain
2x / Epic Winter's Wrath
4x / Epic Jidz-Tet'ka
1x / Epic Blademark's Docent

E-Scrolls House P
1x / Epic Grim's Bracelet
1x / Epic Illusionist's Garb
2X / Epic Garos' Malice
1x / Epic Mask of Tragedy
1x / Epic Full Plate of the Ringleader
1x / Epic Kron'zek's Cruelty
1x / Epic Noxious Fang
1x / Epic Utility Vest

E-Scrolls Red Fens
1x / Epic Siren's Charm
1x / Epic Cacophonic Verge

E-Scrolls Web of Chaos
1x / Epic Golden Guile
1x / Epic Templar's Docent
1x / Epic Templar's Justice

We are looking for:

2x / Bracers of the Claw
1x / Envenomed Cloak
1x / Hellstroke Great Axe
1x / Ring of the Silver Concord
1x / Templar's Bastion
1x / Mask of Comedy


Will update this post weekly

cya all ingame