View Full Version : UI recommendations, game play suggestions

05-20-2012, 08:37 AM
UI reccomendations:

1. Search bars:

a. shared bank

b. TR bank (I saw a post for alphabetical order, search bar should be priority)

c. bank. yes, bank...please

Yes, this really would be fantastic. The inventory and bag search bars are about one of the best things you have ever introduced to the UI. Continue that strategy, it really makes the game so much more pleasant.

Game play:

1. Please, no more "beat the portal" in any new quests or new explorer areas ever (EVER). We have enough quests and explorer areas with this objective. Its boring. Its just plain boring. Its been used enough. In part one of shroud I have heard this conversation so many times I'm actually tired of hearing about how boring beat the portal objective is, let alone doing it.

I am sure all you devs are super busy working on everything for the expansion, and so of course no particular priority level to any of the above (except pulleeese make a bank search bar....please pretty please ;)