View Full Version : Suggestion for the store regarding pet item descriptions

05-17-2012, 06:13 AM

if anyone from the store here read this,

could you please include in the pet item/gear descriptions whether the item is compatible with the other pets, too ?

Example : In another discussion a forum member provided me with a screenshot (or at least it looks like a screenshot) showing a mini golem having a hat on its top.

The pet hat descriptions don't say, however, whether hats are compatible with them. (I don't assume the hats are compatible with the spiderling pet, but on the other hand the hat descriptions doesn't state clearly whether it is compatible or not, either.)

Right now, I just don't know if an pet item I buy is compatible with my pet (I only have a mini golem right now) or not.

What I just want is a sort of "compatibility list" for every available pet (past & present), if possible. If it doesn't fit into the shop's item description, then please at least post it (the "compatibility list") as an announcement here, or in the Compendium).

This list should be expanded if more pets become available, then.

Thank you.