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05-10-2012, 05:22 PM
Hi there.
I have a suggestion that I think would have a lot of support.

I would like to see a new series of bags that basically acted as collectable and ingredient bags but only for your shared bank. Or as an alternate allow the bags bought through TP to be bound to Account again.

The basic issue is that since the shared bank came out there has been a near exponential growth in collectables and associated gew gaws with no corresponding growth in the number of shared slots available.
If you had a bag that you could place in the shared bank that allowed you to easily consolidate your collectables amongst all your toons this would allow all of us to spend a lot more time buying those hearts for TR or adventure packs .

As it is right now, especially with crafting in the mix, you are causing a huge bottleneck and time sink in the gameplay of the player base, and I don’t see how it can possibly be positive to your bottom line. I am not going to buy Huge or larger bags from the store for all my toons (it only makes the problem worse) so there is lost sales potential for you. I think I understand the original intent was that you would get more of these sales by making the BTC but I don’t know anyone who has gone that route.\

I have bought a set for my crafter only and that is all. At this point I can spend hours going amongst my alts emptying their bags into inventory, swapping their exclusive med bag to the character vault for the one I have in there, gathering from inventory into that bag and swapping them back. I don’t see the point personally.

Please if you have any regard for our sanity either make the TP bought bags BTA or allow some other kind of “vault bags” to be purchased