View Full Version : Suggestion - other one handed weapon bonuses

05-09-2012, 10:33 AM
I appreciate the addition of allowing dwarven axes and bastard swords to utilize the 2h weapon feats/enhancements. That was a HUGE boost to sword/axe and board builds...

however, I have a proposal.

Maybe add some bonuses to other weapons in the same manner, ie Longswords.

I was thinking about this today, and what would you think about the possibility of adding 10% alacrity to longsword, short sword, rapier or other one-handed weapons, so long as they are only using them in one hand with or without a shield. This may give people options other than going two weapon fighting if they want to use those types of weapons.

For example, Paladins don't get the feats that fighters get, so unless they want to add exotic weapon (or be a dwarf) they have to rely on the slow DPS of a base longsword or other 1h weapon if they plan on using a shield. If you added 10% attack speed to the sword, their output would go up substantially. (not too overpowered, but enough to make it noticeable and fun).

Just a suggestion :)

05-11-2012, 10:12 AM
If you are bothering with a shield then you are going to be wanting to probably look at shield mastery for the DR of course. You might also want to look at the improved Shield bash feat.

It allows you to maintain your DR and AC while bashing and auto bashes every 6 seconds. I know the description says 20% chance but the description is inaccurate. It's once every 6 seconds automatically.

I found that my fighter's DPS went up fairly noticeably with Improved Shield Bash plus I crafted a spiked tower shield of bashing and that really helped.

If you want to give alacrity to one handed weapons then I say it should require to to spend a feat. The guy using the bastard sword had to just to wield it and then another for the glances. Even if you go Dwarf you will want to spend at least one for the glances on it.

Wouldn't seem fair to me to give a big bonus like alacrity without any costs at all.