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05-09-2012, 03:57 AM
well, as all stories go about people getting brain sparks during times of little fun or monotony...this one goes quite the same...

I was people greeting at the local hardware store I was working at when my mind began to wander...then I came across these ideas - most of these are about as optimistic as you can get considering the bugs at some places within the game...

To begin with!

Sorcerer Savants: =>lower CD for spell-like abilities (considering they're spell-like, why the SP cost?)

Evocation (Force based):
- works as Elemental with attacks purely based on force

-New spells: Force burst/blast => visually looks like Clerics burst but with force instead and a % chance of knock back/knock down + Char Mod

- Innate armor: 1d6 force damage back to attacker, increases as the prestige increases.

Illusion Savant:
-Perhaps based on feat/ new enhancement line

-Fear/ phantasmal killer deal damage on save/ DOT?

- Innate armor: Works like "Mummy Wrappings" in chance to cause fear/ phantasmal killer to attackers

Conjuration Savant:
=> Could be used as another healer/ army builder?
-Given divine spells by prestige line?
-If the character has "Augmented Summoning" then could summon two normal mobs or one higher powered mob.

- Innate armor: Innate regen of HP/ Increase of AC/ AC of surrounding party members like a Pali

Necromancy Savant (Blood mage from complete arcane if memory serves)
=> NOT another "Pale Master"
-Healer of the party but through siphoning of HP from enemies

Barbarian Prestige's:
Refer to Unearthed Arcana from which I got these from

Totem Barb:

Wolf=> extra trip DC = more balance DC
Bear=> extra sunder DC? = Climb (Refer to dungeoneering)
Eagle=> extra awareness = spot
Boar=> extra bull headed = intimidate

Fighter Prestige:
Refer to Unearthed Arcana/complete warrior from which I got these from

Dread Pirate=>
-intimidate buffs party/ debuffs mobs (as barbs does)
-improved balance/swim
-elemental resistance?

Bandit Warlord=>
-intimidate buffs party/ debuffs mobs (as barbs does)
-improve to trip/sunder?

Artificer Prestige:
The "Battle Engineer" needs a longer "Endless Fuselage" ie. X seconds + Y (int) modifier

Melee artificer=>
-Increased attack speed/normalised attack speed whilst rune arm is charging/ charged
-Increased Iron Defender attack/ DR

Caster artificer=>
-Channel additional damage through rune arm.
ie. Flicker gives X% damage boost to lighting based spells.'

-Force = Potency

-Iron Defender gains SR/ Elemental resistance/ innate elemental damage

Crafting: Do away with X touch weapons - give minor instead considering mins handwraps.
Make rune arms:
=> module + module?
=> docent + docent?
=> module + docent?

- Increase tier by adding syberis/ khyber shards

-Make eternal wands by adding siberys/khyber shards?
-Destroy a "single use wand" to create an "eternal wand" with the right ingrediance
-create spell shards/ use scrolls to give the wand its power/ source of attack/buff
-A way to increase DC of the wand on the wand itself (like one of the epic wands...which escapes my memory...)

Item fixes (in my opinion)

Considering that all of the effects of Jidz-tet'ka are combat based (with the exception of wind) here are some ideas.

The thri-kreen have multiple arms...therefore multiple attacks...
- wind stance=> increased attack speed/ chance to double strike?
-increase movement speed?

Chimera's Fang:
-is +1 shocking touch damage enough on a BoA item...
-Give the +1 shocking touch to the chipped bastard sword, give the fang 1d6

Midnights Greetings:
-additional sneak attack damage as well as deception

New feats?!:

-Martial weapons training - Acts like Helf fighter Dillente but for all races/classes

-Slam: innate feat for WF => gives additional damage based on STR mod.

-Charge: increased movement speed/ damage for a time

-Twisting charge: like charge but allows a change of direction (requires another feat to access it, ie. dodge or lightning reflexes)

-Healers Vision: Works like resilience=> increased damage/healing done

Deities for races/classes:

- for racial. ie. glittergold/ moradin
- for class. ie. pelor
- for kick ie. nerull

=> Active/passive feats for each deity
-As works with pali/fvs/cleric

=>Alignment based access for some deities

=> favored weapon = MUST

Cliche falling boulders/enclosing walls? :D
-wall of fire?
-wall of force?
-wall of vermin (for druid?)

Timed traps:
-if X happens. then Y trap effect
=>spawning mobs when triggered?

Spell pillars:
As a puzzle/ more destructible objects

Improved environment:
-STR based with DEX scoring for shimming across small ledges/ leaping from wall to wall
-Spider climb spell for casters!
-something more interesting then ladders/ jumping
-spot skill may be needed to find quick ways around/through levels to find climbing walls.

thats all folks!