View Full Version : Stone of change- dragonshards

05-05-2012, 12:07 PM
Any thoughts on reducing stone of change activations by having stacks of 10,000 dragonshards reduce to their next refinement with just one click? Would be a huge time saver to look at those settings and, if they are easily *giggles* modifiable, set them to value levels that require fewer stone activations.

As a somewhat seasond player, I run multiple themed toons. Each toon has a pack rat disorder and covers specialties. I pass all my dragonshards to one toon to handle crunching and storing duties, and I'm sure other toon addicts as myself utilize theirs in similar fashion. I think its great the way the Khyber dragonshards are incorporated into the game in conjunction with a spell with a crafting recipe.

The advantage may seem small when viewed per account, but server wide over time- it seems like fewer server requests for stone activations would improve performance. I know little of how that aspect works, but have noticed alot of mindless crunching in various ways that may be improved on.

Here's a link for dragonshard info if your new...