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04-27-2012, 03:23 PM
This is my official application to become a listed fansite. Below are all of the criteria as requested:

Content must be at least 70% focused on DDO. 100% of the content is related to DDO
Content must be updated on at least a monthly basis. I update regularly, usually on the same timeline as Updates, Patches, and/or Hotfixes. I also have several other tools in the works to add to the site.
Sites must provide a clear link to http://www.DDO.com. First entry under the "Links" dropdown menu.
Site administrators must be age 18 or over. I am currently the only adminstrator and just recently celebrated my 13th annual 18th birthday.
Sites must already be online and receiving public visitors. At least some news and information should be accessible to users without registration. Has been online for several months now.
Guild websites are not eligible as a fansite. To promote your guild we suggest using the Guild Matchup forums. Contains no guild websites, although links to guild rosters as part of the character stats tool is planned.
Sites must not contain any illegal, unauthorized, offensive, or objectionable content or promote the violation of Turbine's terms of service, code of conduct or end user license agreements. Check.
Sites cannot contain any copyrighted material (code, images, text or otherwise) without express permission from the original source. However, DDO assets which have been previously published, publicly distributed or released by Turbine may be used in site creation and content. I hereby request permission to use screen shots (with or without minor alterations for website speed) on this site.
Sites must not contain defamatory content or references to any Turbine or Wizards of the Coast property, other products relating to the Wizards of the Coast. None what-so-ever.

Name: YourDDO
URL: http://ddocrafting.info
Description: Character Lookups, Crafting Planners and more to come...
Email: Either my registration email on my account, or: webmaster@thedungeoncrawlers.com

04-29-2012, 07:39 PM
Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in to say that YourDDO is grateful to be the newest addition to the official list of DDO fansites!

And to top things off, YourDDO made the Eberron Chronicle on April 27th. You can view the entire chronicle here (http://my.ddo.com/turbinecommunity/2012/04/27/the-eberron-chronicle-81/).

I hope you guys enjoy using the tools that i create and publish on YourDDO. Check back often as there are several things currently under development as I type this. :eek: