View Full Version : Pets & Thier gear: Sorting issues

04-26-2012, 12:56 PM
I'd like to suggest a better sorting method for both companions and their gear.

Pets should be sorted either alphabetically, or by date created (by the devs, not date you purchase them). Or give them a set sorting similar to now, but organized in a better way. As it stands, the pets go into certain slots in your roster that seems almost random. The rats and kobolds aren't together, and I can't see any reason to the madness.

Gear is another problem. It sorts according to last one purchased and stays in that order. This gear should also sort more logically. Either a set order (if hat bought, hat = first slot, if green sparkle bought, put in slot 7, etc), or let us move things around in there. You don't have to let us move them from pet to pet, but I'd like to move them around in the pet's inventory.