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04-23-2012, 10:48 PM
Idea #1)

Feat #1- Draconic Potential

Description- The draconic blood that fuels your magic begins to awaken. You recieve 10 stacking HP and a +1 bonus to AC as scales appear on your skin.

Requirements: Lvl 1 Bard or Lvl 1 Sorcerer, 13+ Charisma.

Notes: This feat would give the character access to a "draconic toughness" enhancement line.

Feat #2- Dragon Talons

Description: Your unarmed attacks become 1d6 slashing weapons, and you gain an additional +1 to AC, along with +1 to fortitude saves. The unarmed damage bonus stacks with monk levels, monk past life feats and item bonuses.

Requirements: lvl ? Bard or lvl ? Sorcerer, +13 Strength, Draconic Potential feat.

Notes: This feat would give the character access to a two-tier "draconic strength" enhancement line, which would give a total of +2 to strength.

Feat #3- Dragon Heart.

Description: You can now breath [insert element here]! You gain +2 AC, +2 to fortitude saves and 10 stacking [insert element here] resistance. Your breath weapon does 1d10 [element] damage per 2 bard/sorcerer levels in a cone-shaped area in front of you, and has a cool-down between uses.

Requirements: lvl ?? Bard or lvl ?? Sorcerer, Draconic Potential and Dragon Talons feats.

Notes: This feat would give access to a two-tier "draconic constitution" enhancement line, along with other enhancement lines to increase BAB, elemental resistances and AC bonuses due to the scales.

As you can see, this is my attempt to put in the Dragon Disciple prestige class into DDO and make it useful. Note that all of the bonuses are useful for melee builds, but not so much for a pure caster. I suspect that most might think the number of feats required for this "prestige enhancement" make this impractical, and it might be, certainly, in DDO as it is *now*. This would be very good if bards/sorcerers had access to weapon buffs, and if the AC problem were fixed. I'm not sure if this would fit in with the lore, but if it doesn't you can switch "dragon" with "demon" or "devil", etc. and switch out the breath weapon with some other ability.


Idea #2)

Unarmed barbarian PrE

Why?: No reason, really. It would just be fun to see a barbarian punching out eldritch horrors and other things. Every barbarian and his mother swings a two-handed slashing weapon already. Real men fight bare-handed! Add some Headbutting (stuns on a failed fort save) and Groin-striking (knockdown on a failed fort save, giants are not immune) enhancements/feats, and it'll be even better. Now, if only metal-laced handwraps were more common...


Idea #3)

Scribe Scroll, Craft Potion, Craft Wand.

Why?: My wizard would love to be able to make scrolls of any spell she knows, or make a Potion of Negative Energy Burst (she's a PM). Like any form of crafting, this would require special materials, pp and essences. It would be simple to put these into the House C crafting, or just use the device stations that rogues and artificers use to make traps and grenades. Same goes for divines. I know this isn't an original idea, I just think it would be nice to have.


Idea #4)

Poisoned Weapons, Alchemist's Fire, Holy Water and other chemicals used to add temporary effects to weapons.

Why?: Poison can be useful, even though mobs might not get full damage from it. As for alchemist's fire (extra fire damage) and holy water (extra damage vs. undead or possibly makes the weapon good-aligned), they would allow classes that rely on weapon damage to add some extra damage to their attacks without having to rely on artificers to buff their weapons. Also, these would be useful in any quest with enemies that have good DR or take extra damage from fire. This would make any quest with trolls a breeze, even if you don't have a caster with AoE fire spells.