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04-16-2012, 02:29 PM
This is a pretty simple suggestion that any item that can be modified by the players from it's base characteristics have a method to strip those modifications off of the item in single shot recipes.

I suggest using the deconstruction alter in the crafting hall for this. Upon putting in a crafted item, an item with a ritual on it, an item with a festival recipe on it, or an item with a filled augment slot the following options are added (only ingredient being the item to have it's effect removed) as applicable to the specific item....

Remove Prefix: Actual name of prefix given
Remove Postfix: Actual name of postfix given
Remove First Augment: Actual name of augment given (Note these refer to epic augments)
Remove Second Augment: Actual name of augment given
Remove Third Augment: Actual name of augment given
Remove Festival upgrade: actual name of festival upgrade given (risia modifications)
Remove Ritual Upgrade: Actual name of ritual upgrade given (stone of change ritual upgrades)
Basically this would be a way to walk back mistakes, changes in builds which require reslotting, and changes in itemization that require reslotting. As all these options would only return you the item and not any shards/essences/epic tokens/.... it seems reasonable to allow these as options less drastic then a complete wipe of an item or grinding for another one of these items in the case of rune arms.

04-16-2012, 03:01 PM
For enhancement prefix suffix on already craft able items