View Full Version : Challenges Reward - please scale according to difficulty level

04-10-2012, 05:18 AM
Right now the number of ingredients you get for running a challenge successfully depends on the score. You get bonus to score for attempting difficulty level above highest character level in party. It appears that it is best to run a challenge at the lowest character level possible and attempt the highest difficulty level you can handle, in order to result in the most number of ingredients per run.

When you are level 20, you will consistently get less ingredients per run (unless you run the epic challenges CR21+).

Even if you run challenge at your level, you get less (because when you are at lower level, it is easier to do the same challenge at 1+ levels above to gain bonuses to score and therefore ingredients).

This means that as a character levels, it becomes less rewarding to run challenges. Hope that it can be changed so you get more ingredients running at higher difficulty levels. I am finding that at level 20 characters get very little ingredients per run.

04-11-2012, 03:42 PM
On the other hand, high level characters benefit the most from the incandescent exp/min rates of the challenges, as they have much more xp required and much fewer questing options.

I have not seen a dramatic difference in ingredients/run being at or below challenge level. What sort of rates are you seeing, for instance between a 16 in a 20 and a 20 in a 20?