View Full Version : Bank/TR space issues

04-08-2012, 12:26 AM
Recently I just TR'd into my 5th life. This life in particular I have really begun to notice an issue with storage space and the ability to access it. With all of the bind to character drops that come from quests such as the fens stuff, raid gear and now cannith crafting, space is at a premium in my bank.

After 5 lives I have accumulated quite a bit of stuff. While I will agree that I dont always use all of it every life, it is valuble enough to me that I dont want to toss it because I might use it in another life. I also dont want to have to recraft cannith gear every time I TR.

Any chance we could get an option to purchase more space? Another possibility is you could just expand the size of the current bank pages. How about you just expand the current size of the bank pages? I think a lot of us have spent more then enough on all out TR's, bank slots, inventory slots, and all the store stuff we use to level. How about helping us dedicated pack rats out?

PS. One more thing...any chance we can get the ability to see ALL of the stuff in TR cache rather then just the first 100 (?) items?