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04-06-2012, 05:13 PM
Something I came up with a few weeks ago and have been mulling over... a sort of reverse TR bank. Rather than everything going into it when you TR, and you can pull it out at will... you can put stuff IN it, but you can't access it until you TR.

Good for putting BTC stuff you've out-leveled but don't particularly want to get rid of (Korthos necklaces, Mabar stuff, etc.) or BTC items that you want in a future life but definitely DON'T want now. ("Whoo! I just pulled a Sword of Shadows! ...Too bad I'm on my monk and probably won't TR into a barb or fighter until next year...")

Less clogging of the bank, which is especially good if you haven't shelled out for the extra bank slots...

Basically, it's a black hole. You can deposit, but you can't withdraw... but everything in it goes into the TR cache when you TR.

04-06-2012, 05:31 PM
TR cache wish list:

Have it listed like in the character screen: a Tab for Armors, weapons, clothes, etc.

If this is not possible for whatever reason make the items I can't use at the moment Grayed out. It's just annoying to search through over 100 items looking for one piece of gear.

Have it sortable in any number of ways. (My dream here would be it would only show level 1 gear when I'm level 1 and only show level 2 gear when I'm level 2. This would be an on/off toggle like show unavailable at the trainer.)

Have a remove all button. When I TR just dump it all into my inventory (script an IF statement that if there is enough room do command ELSE tell me I need to make room)

simply don't make me empty my TR cache. When I TR just leave whatever is in there, in there.