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03-24-2012, 09:09 AM
I have had a few disscussions with guildy's about what I'm going to suggest here, so this is NOT a Bytch-fest....Just a few ideas that I think will improve the gaming experience ;)

1. Make ship buff's automatic...ie approach whatever buff and just being in its proximity gives the buff...no unecessary clicking and confirming that u want the buff.

2. Make armor skins available for all armor.....ie my favorite skin is only available as a docent >:\ Also make the armor type a selection...ie I want my robes to look like full plate. And finally, allow for armor dyes...Back armor with a new secondary color(s). It will make the skin selections from the 13x4 selections that we have (many of which are the same, just a different color) to an unlimited number of color choices.

3. Decrease guild decay for infrequent players. ie. a friend that logs on 1x per month to say hello is a drain on his/her guild. Have the game track the number of times that account logs on...and have a % decay based on frequency of play.

4. Eliminate raids from the streak. Most raids (that r not done on epic) r done in normal, which if u want to keep ur streak going, u can't participate in. This will promote grouping and give another avenue for gaining xp ;)

5. Allow a color pallet for hair dyes...Once again this will increase player options and promote sales. The limited number of choices is depressingly low. I would like to see 32 million color choices for hair and armor dyes.

6. As long as I'm on the subject of dyes, how about a weapon dye? Why can't we change the color of our weapons?

7. Raise the plat cap for vip accounts...and increase the max sale price on the AH.

8. Allow humans a feat that would give them race bonuses (maybe they have to select it with the extra human feat). ie War Forged immunites, HO strength, HE Dilly. I will leave it to u guys to figure out the limitations and benefits but it would certainly make humans more versitile AND viable.

9. This is my last one (and mybe a little bytchy). MAKE RANDOM LOOT MATTER AGAIN >:\ I am sadden by the fact that anyone can craft better weapons than I could EVER pull. I DON'T WANT TO STAND IN FRONT OF AN ALTER CRUNCHING JUNK!!!!! That is NOT a good time if u ask me!!

The Bytcher~


03-24-2012, 12:09 PM
about armor\hair\weapon dyes.
that thing can make a major lagg as the machine try to work with all the millions of colors you ask for.

as for random loot. sign me in. dnd was about killing mobs and getting their loot. not killing mobs getting their loot. crunching it to bits to make somthing else.

03-24-2012, 07:35 PM
Some people might like playing /trade and the AH, but I'm currently thinking I wouldn't mind brokers in the crafting halls that buy and sell essences and shards with prices responding to supply and demand. It'd have to be server-wide stock and prices and the same 30% cut as the AH, but the only tricky part in the algorithm would be exactly how to update the prices and with what response.
Would be interesting to see what prices would be if they were set as high as possible but still cause essences and shards to be bought as quickly as sold. I'd imagine some people would be made happy and others sad. :)