View Full Version : AC suggestion: marry AC, fortification, and damage reduction.

03-20-2012, 12:59 PM
I've mused over the AC concept in D&D and wonder... I don't know a lot of D&D terms and I'm not good with statistics, but I think DDO AC rules just need more rock-paper-scissors action, not more standard deviation / statistical bell curve action.

How about this:

1) For every three points of AC, receive 1/physical damage reduction, stacking.
2) For every 10 points of AC, receive 5% fortification, stacking.
3) Come up with some cool, stackable sundering move combinations for melee types. They will feel the love!
4) Add sundering features to existing melee moves I guess?
5) Come up with some cool armor penetration moves for ranged types. They need love too!

OMG what about casters?!

6) Give electrical damage 100% armor penetration.
7) Give acid damage major sundering action against targets vulnerable to acid.
8) Give fire damage some um... some um... some uh... maybe fire does full damage, then 1/2 damage on round two, which translates roughly to heating up a heavy object and it loses its heat over time.
9) Frost damage gets the same sundering action as acid, since water is extremely damaging to hard, porous objects when it freezes on them.

[Edited] Anyway... thanks for reading and all. It's probably a rehash of stuff other people talked about... sorry about that. Oh and to emphasize, this suggestion means that the existing dice-rolling mechanics remain the same.