View Full Version : Cleric Equipment help for my clr/fgt

03-15-2012, 06:56 AM
Hi !

I have a clr 18 / fgt 2 helf rogue dile that i love very much but i have some difficult to plan his equipment .
I would like a "all day" equip with a few change like sup. ardor clicky.

Someone could give me some suggestion? Here my ideas :

Head: Minos Legens
Neck: Torc of Prince Raiyum-de II
Armor: Epic Deneith Heavy Chain
Wrist: Epic Bracers of the Claw
Goggles: GS 10 HP, 50 SP 100SP
Trinket: Litany of the Dead
Cloak: Stormreaver's Napkin
Gloves: Epic Bracers of the Claw
Boots: 30% Striders
Ring1: dunno...
Ring2: Morgana's Ring
Belt: Morgana's Belt (swap for sup ardor clicky)

03-15-2012, 07:29 AM
Head: Minos Legens

Two blue augments cover this. I'd recommend instead an item like epic mask of comedy. By all means keep it for now as bridging gear though.

Ring2: Morgana's Ring
Belt: Morgana's Belt (swap for sup ardor clicky)
Avoid the cleric rings, you will lose turns attempts each time you swap the belt. I'd change this to spare hand belt and stalker ring (from the challenges). You net an increase in to hit and damage over the morgana's set when you dont have agro against most targets.
For your "spare" ring slot i'd go for shintao. carry the necklace as a swap in for when you need the extra to hit and damage more than torc's sp regen.

If you are dead set on only having one greensteel item equipped, i'd suggest changing your goggles to a pure HPs item. Make an SP item too, and have it on, say, the cloak slot. Swap it on when you shrine or leave a quest. As you enter the quest, or after you get up from resting, use the extra SP to cast buffs, and then swap it out for your stormreaver napkin. You'll forget a few times, but you have torc anyway.