View Full Version : /anonymous, /friends, and some others

03-12-2012, 01:36 PM
Please change /anonymous so that when applying to a party, the name of character who is anon shows up, instead of anonymous. This allows the player to remain free of unwanted tells from strangers (IE divines not wanting to be pestered) but the party leader can still see who is applying. Many ppl auto-decline anon toons; this gives both sides what they want without penalizing either.

Also, when in-group, it would be nice for anon toons to show up in the LFM; this prevents ending up in a party with someone on your DNG, then having to drop amidst all the drama. Anon would still function as normal in all other respects.

Since this is a suggestion thread anyway....

Change how friends works...make the person have to send a friend request (like on the forums/MyDDO), which must then be accepted by the target or you cant add them. Anyone on your ignore list cant add you as a friend. Add a toggle in the options to autodecline friends requests just like guild/trade/etc requests. AND you can see /anon ppl if they are on your friends list or if you are on theirs. The above change would prevent you ever being added to a list that you did NOT want to be able to see you while anon, but it WOULD allow your friends to see and message you, while pretecting your online status from anyone else (IE: strangers or griefers who added you to bug you)

Expand the friends list so we can add more ppl.

Add a GUI for ignore just like the friends list, including notes. This removes the necessity to use friends list as your "special friends list". Add the ability to ignore an entire account. If a guy is a jerk, it doesnt matter what toon he is on. He's still a jerk, and I dont want to group with him. Ppl on your ignore list would be auto-declined from your LFMs, and you dont see LFMs they lead (though you would see ones they are a party member of, but not leading). Add an options toggle if it makes you feel better, to turn these functionalities off.

Also, if someone on your /ignore list sends you a tell, they should get a message that they are ignored. Last time I checked this (which was over a year ago, granted) there was no system feedback. It just looks like the target isnt responding, with no explanation.