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03-05-2012, 12:05 AM
figurine of powers in PnP arn't suppose to be fighters/hirelings per say, but more of messengers or scouters, but i do agree in DDO they become such. the only one currently is a ML 18 panther, it's not hard to figure out that there'll be quite abit upcoming after august. let's see what we have lined up:

now let's get the facts stright, all figures are only animal type; meaning not plants, devils, outsiders, elemantals, undead, etc etc etc

we have currently as mobs: rats, spiders, dogs, lion, wolf, hyena, prolly missing alot more

what i suggest for the developers is doing it in 1 of 2 ways

1- multiple ML of the same type. e.g.

little spider - ML 1
brown spider - ML 4
huge spider - ML 6
deepwood spider - ML 10
etc etc etc

2- role specific pets. e.g.

raging <animal> - more offensive type; has an AI of barb with rage
solid <animal> - defensive type; while it does attack; it focuses more on enemies targeting you
opportunist <animal> - comes with sneak attack, will attack any target with least hp

i'll just list 3 as an example, it's up to the design team to decide; tho for this example is 3 different items

i personally want the 1st, as these "summons" don't level and remain static. both listed are fine ways of pleasing players and build up a healthy list in the shop... tho i hope they can be kept without taking up slots; i don't have enough slots as is... ;p

in other "wants", i want turbine to make...

spider trick: break dance - the spider will lays on it's back and spin!

spider trick: togetherness - spder will climb onto your arm or head, moving to and fro enjoying the view, persists when moving or fighting

MAKE IT!!!!!