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03-03-2012, 12:21 PM
The delay to receive my pre-purchase items - of which I paid $140 for - is absolutely ABSURD!!!!

This digital river company seems like a super sketchy outfit.

I am used to much better service from Turbine, to be honest, and I do not understand why I have to trust someone else with my information in order to get the expansion.

Also, MY CREDIT CARD HAS ALREADY BEEN CHARGED, so it is absolutely absurd that I should have to wait more than a couple minutes for my receipt!!!!!! and codes to arrive. It is 2012, not 2002.

When I go to Digital River's site, I can find my purchase BUT THERE IS NO ACTIVATION CODE ON EITHER PRODUCT. Paid. Charged. No product.

** UPDATE **
AN HOUR LATER, I HAVE MY RECEIPT IN MY EMAIL, BUT THERE IS NO ACTIVATION CODE FOR EITHER PRODUCT!!! Find the code on this page... THERE IS NO CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I performed the purchase MORE THAN AN HOUR AGO, the page confirming my purchase said "processing" where the account codes should have appeared. It was a HACKY POPUP WINDOW, and there was no refresh button available, so it was not possible for me to access those codes immediately. This wait for the email receipt to arrive with my codes on it is really absurd and it defies belief in this day and age for a major MMO provider with many years of experience.

A popup page? Really? WHAT IS THAT ****?

The expansion sounds really cool, the pre-order bonus seems like a great package, but I CANNOT BELIEVE what a terrible purchase experience it has been. I don't know who made the call to not rely on Turbine's tried and true store and normal credit processing services for this expansion, but it has really turned out to be a terrible decision from a customer service perspective.

03-03-2012, 12:33 PM
i had absolutely no problem with either account. and i've seen dozens of folks already with there pets and masks so it is working for them. Perhaps you are experiencing some other problem, related to your service provider, your credit account or firewall or antivirus settings.

ps i had no "sketchy" pop up window. both my digital receipt (next page) nad my email had the account codes as needed

03-03-2012, 12:49 PM

I got the receipt now - as I stated. There were no codes in it for well over an hour. Nearly 2.

The Digital River Customer Service page finds my order number and receipt.

The codes are not in it. It says (hidden on the page - I have to HIGHLIGHT IT WITH MY MOUSE TO FIND IT) processing serial number or activation code.

Finally, nearly 2 hours later, they sent me my activation codes in separate emails from my first receipt of purchase, which had instructions saying "use the code from this page". Doesn't it seem like a receipt with those instructions should actually have a code in it? Don't you think if it was possible that those codes WERE NOT in that receipt, that they should have informed me it was possible that I would receive them in two separate emails at some later time or date?

What year is this?

03-03-2012, 01:58 PM
I got the same message. I paid and no product code in the email. I ordered mine at 11:30 est. It is now 3:00 est. I have not received any additional emails and do not have a product key.

I got the code in a second email. Took 3 and half hours. Anyone with this problem just ignore the first email and wait.