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03-02-2012, 10:47 AM
Hello out there,

are there people going to the RPC as well ?

Plus, will Turbine show up there, too ?

http://www.rpc-germany.de/ (Sorry, but there still doesn't seem to exist any translated web page for this. Which surprises me a bit, to be frank.)


04-26-2012, 01:00 PM
... Still trying to point people towards this event ;) ...

List of those [companies, firms, private persons (Illustrators, mostly) ] who have a booth there : http://www.rpc-germany.de/C1947/ausstellerliste-2012.htm

The event program (the full brochure) in PDF format : http://www.rpc-germany.de/customers/rpc/images/user_documents/RPC12-Programmheft_online_2.pdf

The program/list in HTML format : http://www.rpc-germany.de/C1948/programmheft-2012.htm

Unfortunately, everything is still only in German language.

Among those who are presenting there are capcom and the German Pathfinder license holder, Ulisses. Their web page says that Jeff Alvarez of Paizo will be there, too.
Ulisses will be showing news about a German Pathfinder entry box there, as far as I've understood it.