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02-29-2012, 09:56 AM
I'll focus this thread on chat UI suggestions:

1: Should be able to change all colors of all text. I realize many of them can be found in the [Options -> UI] but not all of them - for instance, DM. I really enjoy having a separate window for the DM text so I can see important quest text (or to me, important to theme).

2: When you create a new chat window, it should inherit the properties of its parent. By that I mean whatever it's parent's input and output parameters were.

3: When you go into the options to set what text appears in this window (DM, Say, Guild, Tell, General, etc) there's a huge drop down list. When you click one of them off or on the window then closes. Therefore, if you want to create a window that is just for Loot rolls you have to: [right click, output options, select on/off one from drop down list] N-1 times (where N is the number of things in that list, which feels like about 20-30). This is unbelievably tedious. Probably the best move here would be simply a "uncheck all" and "check all" list item.

4: More than 1 font in several different sizes, please.

5: Similar to #1 (foreground color of each text type) we also need a background color which, in particular, allows transparency.

I believe these features would improve overall player experience and help retain new players. I realize something like this will not attract new players but I believe will help with retention.

If others can tell me how these features already exist in game and I have overlooked them then I would appreciate it. I'll of course counter with the fact that since I can't find them (should they exist) then the suggestion would be to improve their placement and visibility.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my suggestions.

02-29-2012, 10:58 PM
6: Furthermore - if you click on a window chat line, type something in (let's say in Guild), hit enter (sends it), and then want to type something else. You press enter and it goes to some other window, like a party, or General one you've pulled out. That's unbelievably silly.