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02-28-2012, 12:29 PM
Druids are a favorite class of mine.

I enjoy their ability to:

1. Summoner/Elemental Druid: Can summon multiple creatures. The one summon per caster limit needs to be changed. At least for druids.

Augment Summon feat needs to have improvements, through innate druid ability, enhancements, and extra feats, or all of those...I can imagine prestige enhancements allowing for more and better summons.

This type of druid could assume an Elemental-form and gain cool abilities, attacks, and immunities.

2. Melee-beast Druid: Give druid players a path to making a melee-combat druid. I can imagine prestige enchancements improving this further.

Make sure the new abilites synergize with multiclassing, such as monk and fighter. DDO is so heavily item-based, that DDO item properties, including from weapons, need to contribute in some way while a druid is fighting in beast-form.

I imagine that Beast-form could add a lot of Strength & Constitution, and natural armor class (stack with barkskin spell). Wisdom bonus adds to Stunning Blow DC while the druid is in beast-form. Ideally for me DDO would have an "Improved Grapple" mechanic, but an improved form of druid-stunning blow would work OK.

3. buff-up allies, summons and animal companion, with spells that are specific to druids or very druid friendly

Greater Magic Fang spell (and Mass Fang) = buffs druid beast/elemental forms, animal companions, several summon monster types, and unarmed monk strikes

Other Fang spells that grant alignment properties, or extra elemental damage. A lot of Artificer spell buffs are very much druid-like. Use that idea for new druid spells.

New spells that specifically enhance the caster-only and his animal companion: extra attack bonus, physical damage, elemental damage, whatever.

New feats that are attractive to druids but might also be useful to monks or other classes:

Improved Natural Attack feat = increase damage die to next higher. Also applies to unarmed strikes.

Ability Focus feat = adds +2 or more to the DCs of class abilities like Stunning Blow. In DDO the bonus might have to be higher than +2 to be useful against epic and near-epic challenges.

02-28-2012, 12:41 PM
Melee-Beast-Druid build viability in every D&D based game I've played comes down to 1 important multi-classing option....monk. "Claws" are sometimes treated as "Natural Weapons", and sometimes they are treated as "un-armed"....very rarely, they are treated as both. This is important for things like ToD rings, Stunning Fist vs Stunning Blow, centered, damage die increase, etc....

Typically Druid animal forms are just not that good by themselves. Primarily, they are used for survivability (Bear=HP,Wolf=speed,Cat=stealth,Elemental=resist) and only provide an average DPS gain compard to non-shifted druids. That leaves Multi-Classing the real viable way to increase DPS. Monk of course, is the 1st choice to accomplish this, but only if you are considered unarmed.