View Full Version : Favored Soul Fvs TR build suggestions

02-21-2012, 03:40 PM
Greetings all. A friend of mine is coming back to DDO after a hiatus, just as I'm looking to TR my 32 pt warforged Lord of Blades fvs. This gives me a toon to run with him, and an opener for hard quests (My friend and I are on-off subscribers). Anyhow, I've been trying to decide on a build to TR my fvs to. On a side note, I'm wanting to TR my fleshy wiz to a warforged, so some of my gear on this fvs will be swapped to that (My Docent of Defiance, Blademark's and the epic parts to upgrade it and a Quori battle docent, namely).

Generally, I solo epics or assorted quests for crafting ingredients, with the occasional raid (Maybe 3 raids a week, Shroud excluded).

Currently, I've been running him as sort of a hybrid caster/melee build for epics/general soloing and focusing on healing and support in raids. Went with the pretty standard stat set-up for this, going high con, minimal cha and rest into str.
For feats, I went with:
Addy body (Swapped from PA until I can get the to-hit to use it again in epics)

For standard questing, I'd run around with a greatsword (Usually Terror) and rely on DP or BB for extra damage. For raid healing, I'd swap to a shield and epic cove dagger or scrolls as needed. For tanking, I'd start with Docent of Defiance and a Cannith crafted greatsword to build hate, then swap to a shield and Conc-opp longsword for turtling/DP spamming.

I have most of the gear to support this kind of playstyle, minus a few epic items for to-hit (And eSoS). However, I'm wanting to try something a bit different. Below are a couple of the basic ideas I have. The first is more melee dps oriented, the second is more of a dot tank.

18/2 twf melee fvs, Human or Helf (Monk/pal dilly for heal amp or saves, respectively)
-Power Attack
-Extend/Khopesh (Helf drops this feat)

This looks like a fun build, but I lose the capstone, a lv 9 spell and a bit of DC (Not that the DC matters as much). Another problem is the gear; Swapping from a thf warforged to a twf fleshy means having to make some more weapons and DT sets. Also, I lose quite a bit of tank ability, losing the DR/10 and shield mastery on my next build:

20 fvs hybrid dot tank helf
-Shield Mastery
-Power Attack

I REALLY like this build; Has most of the goodness/playstyle of the original fvs build, but has more heal amp (Human, potentially more with monk dilly) and a better capstone. I could swap Extend for IC:Slash as desired, should I ever get a shard of the eSoS. While leveling, I'd probably take fighter dilly to use my assorted thf weapons for melee dps, then swap to either monk dilly for the heal amp or pally dilly for extra saves. Downside of this build is that I lose 4 damage per hit (Losing LoB greatsword faith+enhancements), as well as Brute Fighting for the extra hate. I'd also lose the ability to wear my Docent of Defiance if I wanted to melee, so I'd have to rely on a shield with Shield Mastery for my DR.

Of course, I could just TR to a warforged and use the same feats I have for the second build idea, but I really like the Sovereign Host capstone on a high heal amp character.

All this being said, which of these three ideas would be the most viable? Anyone with experience in a build similar to these three that could provide input? Suggestions and advice are appreciated.

Once I get a bit of feedback, I'll do a rough write-up to flesh out the build.