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02-21-2012, 11:57 AM
I was looking at the enhancements for a human rogue/ranger znd some of the skills have the same effects, I was wandering do they stack or is it just 1 or the other. Examples I seen at starting, the Human Versatility gives +2 to skills and the Action Boost: Skills (from rogue) gives +2 to skills. If you take both and activate them both does that give youi +4 to skills or does only 1 count and you only get a +2, so no need to buy both. Also I seen one for healing, the Human Improved Recovery gives bonus to healing and the Ranger's Ranger Devotion also gives bonus to healing spells. Is it beneficial to buy both so they stack or will 1 just override the other?

02-21-2012, 12:44 PM
Enhancements of the same type do not stack... but determining what is the same type is the tricky part!

Human Versatility: Skill Boost does not stack with Rogue or Ranger skill boost. Rogue Skillboost will also lock out Ranger skill boost and vice versa, making you unable to take the other class-based enhancement or its higher tier versions. (Note that the Human Versatility enhancement also gives you the very awesome Damage Boost!). Also note that while class boosts share the same cooldown timer, so you can't activate say... Rogue Damage boost AND rogue haste boost, you CAN use Human Versatility at the same time as a class boost, so you CAN use Rogue Haste Boost at the same time as Human Damage Boost (This is a great combo for bosses!)

Ranger Devotion and Human Improved Recovery DO stack, as they are affecting two separate things - Ranger Devotion only affects how much healing your self-cast Cure spells will do to yourself or others (but has no effect on scrolls, potions, wands, etc). Human Improved Recovery, on the other hand, increases the amount of healing your receive, from any positive-energy healing, regardless of source (So it does affect potions, scrolls, wands AND spells cast by other players). Casting a cure spell on yourself will give you the benefits of both enhancements.

Ranger Dexterity and Rogue Dexterity function like skill boost - Selecting one will lock out the other, because they are both Class stat enhancements. However, Human Adaptability: Dexterity can be taken at the same time, because it is a RACIAL stat enhancement.

Effectively, enhancements are broken into class and race. Almost every "Racial" enhancement will stack with almost every "Class" enhancement (The exception being Human Versitility and same-type class boosts, since those basically just give you access to short term buffs, and buffs won't stack with themselves). And since the Class enhancements are never redundant with otehr enhancements from the same class, it only really gets complicated when you have multiple classes with the same enhancement types!

02-21-2012, 01:04 PM
tyu,. that helps as lot deciodionmg whioch skiollsd to buiyu