View Full Version : Pin some potions/buffs to events rather than time?

02-19-2012, 12:34 PM
I'm always leary of relying on "timed" potions or elixirs, etc., because of the difference in player clickand typing speed, outside distractions,etc. In PnP (at least back in my dinosaur days) most things lasted "turns" or were linked to events rather than real time.

I realize accommodations must be made for the online world, but perhaps there is room for improvement.

I would like, for instance, crafting XP enhancers to last for X # of crafting events, or for X # of levels. I would like loot boosts to last for X # of chests, that sort of thing.

I feel players are penalized if, for instance, they start a timed potion, then must be distracted for some other purpose, within or without the game, or are slower on the keyboard or mouse, or aren't quite as fast at planning their next move as the next person.

Just a general idea thrown out there for discussion. Apologies if it has been discussed before.