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02-13-2012, 07:59 PM
I gave a suggestion regarding the Mobility feat so I suppose it should be no surprise my next suggestion would be regarding the Whirlwind Attack feat. In classic pen and paper D&D, the Whirlwind attack was the epitome of the kick@$$ fighter who has spent his days, nights (and feats) perfecting his craft. It was a hard feat to get to and required dedication on the part of the player, overlooking other feats in his drive to get to the ultimate brawler feat. Well I finally went and did it with my dwarven Tempest. Alas... I was quite disappointed with the end result. It's the same as Cleave, which is easier to get to and requires you only get a single much more useful prerequisite feat (Power attack). Wait... sorry, it's not even quite as good as Cleave as it has an annoying pause at the end of it! Sad considering the illustrious history of such a fine PnP feat and all the prerequisites it requires.

I saw somewhere else someone complaining that their Cleave when dual wielding was not hitting with both weapons. I would consider that intentional. The act of Cleaving is a single attack meant to go through one opponent and hit the next (and so on). Implies one weapon is doing it. If the Whirlwind Attack is going to operate like a cleave in style then THAT is where the second weapon should get it's hit in, when you unleash the Whirlwind. It's classically a potent feat and I feel it's potential is being wasted in DDO.

02-13-2012, 09:45 PM
First OP I agree with you

Second I'm sorry but say "Whirlwind needs Balancing"is comedic to me....I say make it crazy powerful but requires a balance check to use and another to not fail over after...possibly a fatigure debuff. :D

02-14-2012, 05:18 AM
The problem here is that the dev's implemented cleave/great cleave to imitate whirlwind, and eventually cleave/great cleave became better than whirlwind. While whirlwind is currently implemented almost word for word per the 3.5 rule set.

So I would suggest an enhancement to whirlwind to match the enhancements cleave got.

Seeing as cleave went from something that would give you an extra attack if you killed your target, to attacking all targets in front of you (and great cleave essentially became whirlwind). Whirlwind should go from a single attack on surrounding targets, to multiple attacks. Perhaps make it a timed ability, where when you active it every attack becomes a cleave or great cleave. Just a thought.

It does definitely need some improvements tho, seeing as it's far more reasonable to take PA, cleave, and great cleave, instead of going for whirlwind.