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02-10-2012, 01:56 PM
Suggestion: Replace all rings in ToD by class generic ones, with unlockable PrE!

What I mean by that is instead of having a Frenzied Berserker ring, a Ravager Ring, and an Occult Slayer ring, you only get a Barbarian Ring, which can be crafted into the old ones. Same for any other class, including FvS, Arti and Druids (eventually). You could then choose which PrE you unlock for it, using ingredients, probably small or medium shroud ingredients, to unlock the exceptional +1 stat and PrE bonus at the same time.

So in the end, for example, you'd have in the ToD chest:
Barbarian Ring : Strength +6, Prestigious Potential, Incredible Potential

Then (using let's say small shroud ingredients) unlock the prestige and it becomes:
Encrusted Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Frenzied Berserker, Incredible Potential
Gnawed Ring: Strength +6, Exceptional Constitution +1, Occult Slayer, Incredible Potential
Ring of the Ravager: Strength +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Ravager, Incredible Potential

It would greatly help the incredibly low drop rates of specific rings, and allow for easy addition of new rings.

This. And make it all random like old greensteel. I missed out on this because it was before my time. And I think it makes DDO stand out. I wanna make some junk rings till I get it right for fun darnit!!

02-10-2012, 04:06 PM
The whole ToD ring mess needs to be changed. It would be MUCH simpler to have 6 base rings, each with a single +6 stat and three upgradeable slots on it.

Slot 1) Exceptional +1 of your choice. Cost 3 trophies
Slot 2) Unlock set potential Cost 3 trophies
Slot 3) The typical Incredible Potential. Cost 6 trophies

Sure this would end up cosing 3 more trophies. But it would be much easier to get the ring you would want. There would need to be new set items released for prestiges that haven't been released yet but they are easy to get for the most part.

This was my suggestion in regards to ToD rings.

02-10-2012, 04:15 PM
Both are lovely ideas. It's no fair polluting the raid static loot tables with bad items no one wants, artificially reducing the chance of getting things people will actually use. This whole class-specific thing ends up particularly awkward when no rings exist specifically for Artificer or Druid. Why not just make the set bonuses generic and work with whatever PrE you have anyways?

Don't unlock the 'Frenzied Berserker III' improvement, just unlock the 'Barbarian Prestige' improvement and depending on the Barbarian Tier III PrE you have (if any) you get an appropriate buff.

These have the potential to get painfully outdated with the Summer Expansion and Enhancement overhaul.

02-10-2012, 06:56 PM
Yes, the old style of ToD ring (what we currently have) is hard to update for new classes/prestige lines. They can only do so by adding more and more and more rings. One of the systems above would fix that by lowering the number of rings and simply making everything about them an addition which _should_ be easy enough to add to the ring table.

Yes it would require that ToD rings be totally rewritten. But doing it this way ensures that the rings remain viable for an unlimited number of classes and prestiges.