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02-10-2012, 07:48 AM
Once again...

I do believe I am the only one in the game who tried out the Half-Elf Artificer Dilletant and has found it EXTREMELY meh...

...I could trade it for Skill Focus: UMD and get more utility


Yall added this feature...make it sound tasty on initial inspection so I took it on my 4th lifer Mokune out of faith that it would make for some interesting gameplay off the beaten path...

Improved Dilletante Artificer Enchancement line caps at level 4 arti wand/scroll use at Character level 15!!!!

Every other Improved Dilletante for every other class goes to level 10 scroll and wand use (and other features) when you max out the ImpDille Line.

This SUXAZZZ people....

I bought the Artificer Class, Played it to Cap on a 3rd life Toon and <3'd playing it.

The I saw the UMD on the level 2... LEVEL F_N' 2...arti scrolls has the same UMD as Level 5 ARCANE and DIVINE Scrolls....

I know what your intentions were....It's pretty flaky and GD low. Someone may have thought it "clever" marketing to SCREW people who couldn't/havn't for whatever reason unlocked artificer out of using the shiny new arti scrolls from house C with UMD or making use of the Helf Dille Arti to the same level of effect as other Dille...

Howz about I ADD something constructive, a suggestion maybe...

Helf Arti Dille, UMD +1 with scrolls and lvl 1 Artificer Scroll/Wand use
Imp Arti Dille 1, +1 caster Level with Scrolls and Scroll/Wand use as level 4 Arti
Imp Arti Dille 2, added +1 UMD with scrolls (total +2 UMD) and works with potions, Scroll/Wand Use as level 7 Arti
Imp Arti Dille 3, Scroll/Wand Use as level 10 Arti and bonus UMD and CL applies to weapons, armor, items

(throw the XBow profs in there some where, maybe LRXBow at 1, GXBow at ImpDille1 and HRXBow at ImpDille2)

Yall have made a great game that runs the gambit of entertainment and human emotion...but I just hate feeling like we get a stick in the GD eye along with our ice cream cone.....

02-10-2012, 08:02 AM
So you're basically complaining that the scroll usage of Artificer spells is rather limited and Meh'ish.

Here is a description of the Feat that you are talking about...

Half-Elf Dilettante: Artificer
Usage: Passive
You have watched the artificers of House Cannith work their trade. You gain proficiency with all crossbows, and Artificer Knowledge: Scrolls (You gain a +2 bonus to Use Magic Device checks when using scrolls, and their Caster Level is increased by one - this Caster Level increase is capped by your Intelligence modifier.) You are able to use wands and scrolls as if you were a level one artificers. For item use purposes you count as a level one artificer in addition to any other classes you possess (though this does not grant the ability to use Rune Arms). This feat is not recommended for characters with actual artificer levels.

Focus on these two statements..

You gain proficiency with ALL crossbows.
Scrolls: their Caster Level is increased by one.

Those two things right there are the bread and butter of the Dilettante. Take that on a pure Cleric, add Zen Archery, and use a repeater. Add in the fact that Heal Scrolls are increased in caster level by 1.

Yes it would be nice if the increases in the Dillettante also increased the caster level further on scrolls, but Meh..

Half-Elf Cleric now has a good Dillettante to take, other than Barbarian for hps, or Wizard/Sorc for scroll usage, or Rogue for sneak attack damage..


In fact, this is a GREAT Dillettante for any class to take, considering it makes your heal scrolls heal for more.

02-10-2012, 08:56 AM
It's the principle behind the decision to limit them as such that has my panties in a bunch...

It may have a niche use like in the cleric example you posted....



XBow Prof => Niche
+1 CL => Niche
+2 UMD => High-Lite of the Dille imo but considering the FAIL in the rest of the Arti Imp Dille => SF: UMD trumps it

The GD Arti Dille Doesn't Even Help Hit the STUPID GD HIGH UMD of LVL 1 and 2 ARTI SCROLLs 36 UMD (36 UMD is what TELEPORT and RAISE DEAD require)

You have to take the Imp Dille twice to use lvl 2 Arti scrolls at 100% and the Dille UMD doesn't help you use Arti Scrolls

Sure there maybe a shiny spot on the undercarriage of this S covered Edsel of a Dille...But I am convinced the mechanic took Improved Fortification