View Full Version : Be an Independent Adventurer on Argonnessen!!

02-09-2012, 06:37 PM
Tired of guilds plagued by inactivity or guilds that are way too strict? Join the anti-guild of Independent Adventurers today!

We're an active but relaxed Level 41 Guild on the exciting Argonessen server. Our players are experienced but we're all also very helpful and open to new or casual DDO adventurers!


If you consider joining our great guild, you get:

- Considerate and active fellow guild players joining your party and LFM

- Exclusive access to high-level guild crafter for superb shards and gear

- Help with your character build, quest information, and gear

- A guild expanding aggressively to bigger airships and useful guild crystal slots

- Membership in a group that extends to other games you might play as well

Our only requirement is that you be active and have fun while gathering renown from your adventures!


Please reply or private message if you're interested. You can also contact guild leader Aradoshia when logged on the Argonnessen server!