View Full Version : The Grouping Window and Certain Quests

02-08-2012, 06:05 PM
I'm sure most people are aware that 'Hiding In Plain Sight' is an example of a quest that will not appear on a players Grouping List if the player is hiding it or if the player is only looking at groups they are eligible for as a player who does not own that associated adventure pack. But that really isn't the reason I'm raising awareness of it.

I just ran a Challenge on Epic from yesterday - Time is Money. Trying to put up a window for it however, I notice that it fades out because 'I don't own the Challenges', even though I can get access to it with Challenge Tokens. I've seen this happen with other Challenges too.

If Challenge Tokens aren't going to be leaving us or if nothing else is changed in terms of running the Challenges, then you should look into changing the LFM option so everyone can see it. This would help with forming groups for the Challenges which might at least get more people running them.