View Full Version : Crafting devices and cursors

02-06-2012, 02:29 AM
When I type something in the search field of the shard crafting devices and hit <Enter>, more often than not I want to do something else rather than change the text, but for some reason the cursor is locked into (not just positioned in, but LOCKED into) the search field, so anything I type (like C to open the character sheet or I to open inventory, or the slash (/) key to type some text, goes into the search field of the crafting device. My hand is off the mouse at this point since I have just been tying something in the shard device search field, so moving it back to the mouse to do whatever to allow me to open the character sheet or inventory, or say something in a chat channel, is a pain.

Yet another little (actually this one is not so little) irritation due to lack of consistency in the UI, they really add up, and a UI is a huge part of whether people like or dislike a game. In fact it's probably in the top 3 things I ever hear about when people are complaining about any game.

Please at the very least make it so hitting the slash (/) key will drop into the chat entry field if not already there (there is never a need to put a slash in the shard device search field), or have the shard device search field drop control of the cursor when you hit enter, after triggering the search, so that text entry or mapped keys can be used without messing around with the mouse first. Even if this were an Esc>Options>UI toggle, 'keep cursor in UI panel search fields after searching', default on, I would be ecstatic.