View Full Version : Monk Stance Balance

02-01-2012, 07:53 PM
Earth Stance has been given too much. It makes no sense to me that the tanking stance should be the highest (or very close to the highest) DPS stance as well.

I believe that the crit modifier should be removed from the stance, and that to compensate, the threat modifier should be increased. The damage reduction should stay as is. Consider upping the ki on hit amount in EIV.

Sun Stance should, imo, get a bonus to hit, +1/tier. Many monks have a great deal of trouble hitting, at least until they get excellent gear. This would help alleviate this issue, and give a better reason to use the stance, which I feel is sub-par.

You might consider some threat reduction from Wind Stance.

Water is pretty good.

02-02-2012, 09:08 AM
From my experience, I alternate between situationally between three stances. Fire stance is generally my primary stance because it helps in ki generation (a lot). Spamming void 4, stuns, elemental strikes (ToD if dark) can burn through ki fast without compensating gear and for the boost in dps(kills/cc/buffs etc) that it provides it's already at the top of my rotation. If I am in a good ki situation I'll switch to earth stance for the added dps, but if the ki drops I switch right back as the added dps from earth stance won't match what ki strikes give me. If I am in a downtime or really need to land a ki strike I'll switch to water. Lastly, I know a lot of people who like air and I've tried it out from time to time, but its still at the back of my rotation.

So, the point of all of this is that I personally find the new stances quite well balanced for my purposes. I would not suggest removing the crit bonus on the higher end of earth stance as it would just push me back to what I did pre-change, which was stay in fire stance. Based on how I play the monk Sun stance is far from subpar. This suggests to me that if its subpar for you, but above par for me, that means the stances are decently balanced to shine for different playstyles, which is a good thing. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it's worked well for me so far.

One other note: I actually don't like the earth threat modifier as I don't want threat on my monk. I see its use for tankers and its good for balancing it with sun stance for those people which is why as is, its a good idea. But removing its dps component and upping the threat component wouldn't actually be an across the board benefit, rather it would do less dps and net you more threat which would mean any non-tank like myself wouldn't want to use it at all.

As a side-note: While Jidz-teka bracers should not be a primary part of a discussion on monk stances, they do need a bit of tweaking. As it stands, earth and sun stance get the best buffs out of the one piece of gear a vast majority of monks use. Sun is the best imo, earth's benefit is good but can get superceded by other gear, whereas water and air are kinda jokes.