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02-01-2012, 06:31 AM
Alright, not sure if this is entirely needed or not, but I'm bored since my friends aren't online to play, and I hate playing by myself at the moment. So, with that in mind, I would like to make the suggestion to add the alternate class feature from Dungeonscape, Penetrating Strike, to the game in some way.

Now, originally this was an Alternate Class Feature for rogues at 3rd level, capable of being taken instead of their first point of Trapsense (delaying it till 6) and giving them the capacity to use half their sneak attack die against creatures immune to critical hits while flanking. The implimentation for this might be problematic in that;
1) I don't know if Turbine IS capable of adding ACFs to DDO, and if they did the flood gate that would result from the myriad choices avaliable.
2) The mechanic of half your sneak attack die might be clunky, and finally,
3) Effective 50% Fort penetration for a +1 to saves and AC against traps would be a no brainer choice in DDO (It's a no-brainer choice in PnP if the ACF is allowed, but that aside).

There are probably many options for how to work around this.
1) They can just give Penetrating Strike without giving up the first point of trapsense, I doubt anyone would really care about the one less reflex and AC against traps. This is sort of how rangers have both feat chains.
2) Allow a percentage chance to overcome fortification and critical hit immunity for sneak attack, rather than reducing its damage. I'm not sure what would be easier to program (% roll to ignore fortification and ciritcal hit immunity for sneak attack while working with regular fortification and critical hit rules, or the half damage constantly). Alternatively, they could split sneak attack damage in half at every even die invisibly. So that mechanically, you have Penetrating Sneak Attack and regular Sneak Attack (so for example, someone with sneak attack damage of 3d6+6 would have a penetrating sneak attack of 1d6+6, and regular sneak attack of 2d6). In the character feat list it's lumped together, with perhaps an underscore saying you still do xdx+x to critical hit immune hits.
3) Going with the percentage chance, it could be changed from a HUGE bonus at level 3 to smaller bonuses over 20 levels (because, hey, rogue 20 isn't good enough already!). For example, 10% at 4, 20% at 8, 30% at 12, 40% at 16, and 50% at 20. Alternatively, to reduce concerns about being overpowered, make the percentage chance equal to the rogue's dexterity score. Why? Because apparently everyone is flocking to strength rogues for damage, and it's supposed to be a dexterity class, darnit!

Addendum: This should also totally be added for my birthday. You know you want to, Turbine! ;)

02-01-2012, 02:34 PM
Penetrating Strike for Rogues!

Ahhh the comments that could be derived from this quote. I wasn't aware rogues needed help in the sneak attack department. Especially at assassin 3.