View Full Version : Forget about character copy, and give us..

01-31-2012, 08:25 PM
...an NPC that dispenses cash, items, xp, etc, or add it to Poincelot. The devs don't seem to have a second team that works on broken things, so i don't see this being fixed even Soon(tm). Devs could post in lama about what things/levels/etc they'd particularly like tested, and there'd be SOMEone to hook them up, because that's what kind of community it is.

A lot of people, in fact more that not, don't have the sort of jobs with normal hours or days off, and thus miss out on the dev leveling events. Failing some way to get something like my other characters to test, i don't even have a lama client atm.

02-01-2012, 01:08 AM

Great idea, imo... I greatly appreciated Kookiekobold and 404error showing up the other day and dropping the xp, crafting xp, plat and u13 loot on us, but as I didn't have the ability to transfer my toons (failed since u12) it was a bit of a pain running the new quest on epic with nothing more than a few pieces of u13 loot. It would be fantastic to be able to hit an npc to get some plat then a store that would allow me to actually replace the gear (or even just get close) I have on live...