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01-30-2012, 02:41 PM
Epic Vorpal
Epic Banishment
Epic Disruption

Those amazing loot pulls are long gone. The giddyness of seeing that Banishing Rapier on the loot list, or the Repeating Xbow of Disruption, gone. With Epic levels arriving this summer, its about time that Melee weapons be given a boost. Caster DCs are going to increase again, but the once coveted effects are forever stuck in time.

The effects should be added back into relevance. They should be added back into Epic weapons either by some new Epic Items, or Augment Slots (less preferred). Proc on Natural 20s with no save.

With the removal of blanket immunities from Epic Quests, insta kills are deemed acceptable by the devs, only melees have to wait until the HP threshold is reached before their death effect is enabled. This same mechanic can stay in place, but Epic Vorpal's threshold is much higher, say near infinity for starters and we can go higher from there as necessary.

Putting the new effects on Epic items would be a good attempt to limit the general availablity to the populace but give the melees more of a fighting chance to compete with their blue bar bretheren. The new effects should have little to no impact on bosses as they will have Death Ward upon them at all times.

As for mobs, well this is the intended target for our wrath, specifically Epic mobs.

I am only looking out for our Blue Bar Brothers in arms. Save your precious SP for the boss, let us melees clear the way.