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01-27-2012, 02:59 PM
as any and all thought or reason quickly becomes lost as progress through what some would indicate is a flame war. This is my proposed and positively uplifting change to madstone boots without createing large enough change to current boots.

Hmm heres my thought if really want these to be true melee boots of choice and at same time allow for totally new gear selection thus opening possibility for new gear optimization this is what i propose
Strip boots clean :

LV 13 Madstone boots:
Madstone Parasite;
(Parasite forms a symbiotic relation with the user body become increasingly more powerfull as user becomes more powerfull ) parasite should whisper to user -- MWAHAHA
(Engaging in combat for 10secs increments the Madstone Rage Factor every 20secs out of combat reduces rage factor 30 secs out of combat causes user to occasionally self inflict him/herself with damage to satisfy the bloodlust)
Madstone Rage: parasite provides "15% (haste -does not stack with haste) +2 enraged strength, constitution; +5% hp boost "
Madstone Rage(2): "symbiotic rage calls for more blood!" (available lv 15+) +2 enraged str,con increases to +4; +5% hp now becomes +10% hp boost "
Madstone Rage(3): "The thirst must be quenched!" (available lv 18+) parasite now provides 10% increase chance of glancing blows with all attacks
Madstone Rage(4): to be added with lv 18+ with possibility of unlocking even greater powers from making this item truely epic.

Madstone Resonance:
The parasite communicates with other items of power to form stronger relations.
In the presence of Chimeras Ferocity Madstone Parasite adds Immunity to Fear, Disease
In the presence of (2pc Abishae) +2 profane Constitution bonus (4pc Abishae) ....
Superior Potency IV (4)
Anchoring "help with item optimization and reduction of useless clutter" maybe make boots of anchoring into casters version of this item to satisfy casters need
+300% sp usage parasite draws forth from all sources of power including sp "MWAHAHA"

possibly rework non epic counterparts to possibly to give similar but to much lesser extent of there epic versions

01-27-2012, 03:08 PM
Dude, that's way too much coding. Remember they have to release this update within 3 weeks. And 300% sp usage? Comon. That's hardly fair.

Doesn't fix the pre-U5 melee haste nerf either.

01-27-2012, 03:20 PM
mm wouldnt take me too long to create skeleton code that can be utilized. Granted only problem is I do not have time to research base language used and how they have program core written obviously there is need to rewrite a lot of base coding for optimization since they are reusing very buggy game code.