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01-24-2012, 11:10 AM

Korthos Island wilderness have between 80 - 90 enemies to slay on the map. But highest slayer quest require to slay 750 enemies. I always get bored and irritate before achieve that goal. It simple force you to repeat that location to many times. Assuming 80 kills per entrance, you have to kill everything on the map almost 10 times.

My suggestion is to increase number of enemies to 120, More brown rats, more devourer minions, more sahaugin whelp. Especial on the line between Cannith manufacture and necromancer doom dungeons.
More enemies to kill = less entrance to location, to achieve 750 kills = more happy players ;)

On the other hand Cerulean Hills have exactly opposite problem. On first entrance i achieve 150 kills. Slayer quest require total of 400 kills. This is done to quickly.
My suggestion: Increase slayer quest kills total from 400 to 750 kills.

What you think about this?

(Sorry for my English.)

01-24-2012, 11:21 AM
Actually Korthos Island has between 94 and 98 kills / instance - Rats move around but I usually get 97 or 98.

That's still too low in my opinion and there's enough space in the explorer for another 10 or even 20 kills to be added

110 would seem about right in my view.

My problem with Cerulean is the rares. It's incredibly hard to get all 7 rares without going over the 400 slayer count.

I'd advocate changing the lvl range for this to 2-5 as newbies can easily not know it's there before they hit lvl 5 and the quests elite lvl is also 5.
I'd also advocate upping the total kills to 750 as this is a lovely area.

Other thoughts:

Tangleroot Gorge and Sorrowdusk Isle - 1500 total slayers, 115 kills each / instance {Sorrowdusk has 3 respawning scorps to up that total slightly}.

I'd suggest dropping both to 750 total slayer count.

Searing Heights - This is the opposite of the previous two - Up it to 1500 please and add a coupla quests.

Red Fens - Totally ridiculous 150 kills /instance with a 7500 total - too easy to outlevel as well.

Drop the total slayer count to 3000 max and people might actually bother.

01-24-2012, 01:50 PM
How did you get the upside down "p" in your title?