View Full Version : Implement a Raid Encouragement week/event toggle

01-20-2012, 06:03 AM
Got to thinking about about drops in raiding due to people sticking to what they know. Also with the recent 20% xp boost, the sudden jump in high level raid/quest postings and came up with this little idea:

To encourage cross/pollination/getting to know the neighbors, have a week long event or duration x event where raid bosses are weakened by x% (say 5%) when playing with someone guildless or y% (say 3%) when playing with someone in a guild of < 12 active accounts.

That may create an environment where larger guilds would open up raids/higher diff raids to others due to the buffer provided by the event. Additionally, smaller guilds/non guilds would be encouraged to run due to the window of opporunity when raid bosses would be ~64%-40% strength (max).

This may cause more raid training sessions due to the incentive of running raids during that window (loot chance with larger window of error).

Side effects:

- Some people may attempt to "exploit" this time period by abandoning their guild thus moving to the x% bucket. That can be balanced by the natural renown decrease of departing. Unsure if that may create angst/animosity between loosely coupled guilds with strong personalities.

- Would cause an increase in Bravery Raiding. There are concerns that raiding affects bravery bonus, etc. If a window of opportunity like this were provided then odds are you'd see bravery troops taking advantage of this as well due to the increased chance of success based on the right conditions.

Just a thought to provide mutual incentive to encourage more raiding parties so people get to know people from different circles and possibly create a wider net of people to raid with (after raiding with someone enough they become a known quantity).