View Full Version : Request to change the actual "Flag" to starting/restarting raid timers

01-20-2012, 02:09 AM
Can we please please please, have raid timers start when we actually "finish" the quest (you know, when we score that final bit of exp for completion of it), and NOT when we get around to grabbing our rewards?

I finished a Shroud-Run 4 days ago and had missed picking up my reward. I was actually unaware of this, I figure I mustve had a full inv and missed the small notice when this happened, or maybe i mis-clicked- Flash forward to today when I went to do a shroud run thinking "durr, its been 4 days". I was sadly disappointed to find i HADNT actually picked up that reward, and only now is my 3-day timer starting.

Now I know 100% that this "could have been avoided by me"- But cant help but feel that if this is the response it largely avoids what I feel is an "issue" and simply ignores it instead. I dont see why it would effect anything if Id simply been allowed to pick up me reward, and restart the quest Id finished 4 days ago.

Ah well, /rant