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01-15-2012, 04:51 PM
what does it actually work on? I don't get what it's referring to when it says extraplanar creatures.

Will it only work on summon monster spells cast by mobs? (I don't think I've ever seen one.) Will it work on something like Beholders or Undead?

01-15-2012, 04:57 PM
Anything that isnt native to your plane of existence...the main ones i can remember right now are: devils, demons, elementals, mephits, anything with "fiendish", many aberrations (mind flayers, beholders etc) & eladrin. It's a pretty nice spell/weapon effect.

As a side note, some enemies, eg. in devil assault, are treated as being on their home plane so are immune to it.. ditto devils when you go to shavarath - its their home after all - but in the tower of despair raid YOU can be banished by a special attack horoth uses, hence why you need the boots of anchoring to protect you from that effect.

01-15-2012, 04:59 PM
Banishers work on anything that is not from the plane of existance they are on. IE, you can banish a demon like a Orthon in the Vale of Twilight because it is from the Realm of Shavarath.

This above is important to note though, because if you go to the Devil's Battlefield in Sahavarath, you can't banish the Orthon anymore. If you take it one step further and run Tower of Despair - you are the one who can be banished.

It's a fairly big list but when in doubt, try a banisher out to see if it inflicts any extra damage.

01-16-2012, 03:44 PM
Wow, it's more complicated than I thought. Cool that they put that much detail into it - but hard for noobies to learn what's what and where if they don't know DnD lore.

01-16-2012, 04:05 PM
Are you talking about the Weapon Enhancement, or the Spell / Spell Like Ability?

They work on the same creatures, but the weapon effect does extra damage on each hit, with a chance to insta-kill on a natural 20 attack roll (or do an extra 100 dmg if the creature has a lot of hp), whereas the spell/SLA works as an insta-death spell that does damage on a successful save, with a slightly different save mechanic than other spells (save= spell dc + caster level - creature Hit dice).

It can be awfully hard for a lower-level caster to land one on some high-hd elementals.

You can check a targeted creature with your examine (z by default, i think) and see the creature's type in the text box. The types "(Alignment) Outsider" and "Elemental" would be the most common, not sure if there are others that are affected.. Learning which creatures are which type is easier than memorizing a whole long list.

01-16-2012, 05:21 PM
This is not a complete list.

What the spell will work on, confirmed:
Elementals, including those on Shavarath.

Many Devils (Orthons, Barbazu, Bezikera) and Demons (Reavers, Flensers, Renders, Jariliths). They must be considered extraplanar for Banishment to work on them. Devils in the Vale of Twilight (but NOT the Shroud, Shroud is considered both in our world and theirs) and Demons in the Sands quests are prime examples of quests where they are banishable.

Fiend Blood creatures in the Coalescence Chamber.

Many Xoriat creatures, but typically not Beholders. Invaders is an example of a quest where almost everything is banishable.


Efreeti and Djinni.

What the spell should work on, but I haven't confirmed:
Devils and Xoriat Creatures in the Subterrane.

Creatures in the prison cells in Prison of the Planes.


Invisible Stalkers.

Creatures other monsters summon (like Orcs that summon Lamannian Wild Dogs).

Quori, when we are not in a dream world or in Dal Quor itself (Dreaming Dark).

What the spell will not work on (confirmed):
Devils and Demons on Shavarath, The Shroud, Devil's Assault. I do not know about the Chronoscope.

Tieflings. While Evil Outsiders, they're also Native Outsiders, and thus their home is Eberron (or Shavarath for the ones you face there).

Rakshasas. See above under Tieflings for the reasoning.

Mudmen. They're classed as Earth Elementals but are native to Eberron, not to Lamannia like most other Earth Elementals.

Many Beholders. They are native to Eberron.

01-16-2012, 05:27 PM

What the spell should work on, but I haven't confirmed:
Devils and Xoriat Creatures in the Subterrane.

Creatures in the prison cells in Prison of the Planes.


Last I heard, the prison cells in "Prison of the Planes" converted to the native habitat - this means that we are the outsiders in there.

Of course, once I learned that, I stopped trying to banish them. I wouldn't expect them to be banish-able, though.

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I do not know about the Chronoscope.

I can confirm that the devils and tieflings in Chrono are banishable. My monk takes great joy in poofing them.