View Full Version : general feeling on cosmetic kits

01-12-2012, 09:25 PM
well done, i think there finally starting to find the sweet spot, good looks, a decent price. thank you very much

also thanks for lowering the exotic hair colors, they used to be 250 a piece IIRC.

i would like to add

-more hairstyles if you could, or a way to preview hiarstyles like armor.
-more cosmetic helms, obvious why
-shield apearence, there are so many good designs that dont see much use you could pull from (necro 4 shields) and so many good shields that dont look that great (the new pally shield in VoD)

you keep making them, and ill keep paying you money for pictures :D

01-12-2012, 09:51 PM
what do i think?

I think turbine got cosmetic equipment 100% correct in LOTRO. I have no idea why they havent implemented the same thing here.

for those that dont know:
lotro has multiple cosmetic settings, and you can keep the cosmetic apprearance of any and all itmes you own, or cosmetic kits you have purchased and put them in these slots. you can set up groupings of cosmetics so you can easily switch from your regular gear, to one of several full sets of cosmetic gear.

Its very easy for example - one or 2 clicks to change your appearance from what your actualy wearing to a 'guild uniform' or an 'about town' outfit.

Turbine this stuff would sell here too.