View Full Version : Abbot raid main platform

01-08-2012, 09:38 AM
abbot main platform is too high, its too hard to jump out of water with all that lag that raid generates, also water around platform is too deep, it gives 2 seconds to accept rez after getting up on platform IF you manage to jump out of water, and then sometimes you get teleported ALIVE underwater anyway. i understand makeing raid challenging, but thats just too much, i wasted whole last abbot run on trying to get out of water after lag on jump that placed me behind ice island.

if ddo lag is a figment of my imagination, i have one crazy imagination then.

so to make is short:

1. main platform lower compared to water lvl and maybe with edges that can be walked up on instead of climbed.

2. depth of water halved so it leaves bit more time to accept rez

rage off