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12-31-2011, 04:19 PM
Your sitting in the one of the house areas, chatting about this and that and waiting for your party to fill, suddenly a fireball explodes off to your left. Holy smokes that was close, must be that new live event, something about the Xendrix Giant invasion. Stormreach is a city on the frontier, a hub of adventure and not always a safe place to be.

The Idea is of a live event where the Xendrix giants have found a leader, a charismatic individual or group to found an army under to wipe the shortlings from what they see as giant territory. Assaults would be announced and displayed on the world chat 20min before they were to begin. There would be safe places i.e. The Harbor and Market Place, and certain zones would spawn different types of foes and different levels. The main fighting would take place in the areas around the radius of the Market Place, with minor raiding parties making there way into explorer areas.

The mass of the forces would be of reasonable level groupings and would ignore those far below their own CR level much like the Mabar Fest. Also assault leaders would be mini boss and boss level, CRs ranging from 10 to 18 with a 'Raid' boss THE GIANT KING being a CR 30-35, or higher if need be.

What is the point of this...EXCITEMENT, ADVENTURE, and... LOOT!

You would get a set amount of xp for killing each boss level and for killing the Raid boss. 'Chest' would drop into inventory for those that got at least one hit in and are within a set distance from the death of the boss. Also at the end perhaps some Coin Lord patron would offer a reward based on your level and amount of participation. Also a server wide reward perhaps xp and loot boost for completing certain goals.

Being as how some people may not want to worry about being smashed by a giant there would be a safe instance, say instance were the giants and such do not show up.

Of course this would be after lag issues, those issues on Turbines side, are taken care of.

Just an idea for a real LIVE event.

12-31-2011, 11:12 PM
Live events don't give XP unless they are instanced.

01-01-2012, 12:35 PM
Perhaps that would be the way to go if they cant change it. I envision a one time thing, at least as far as this one, that lasts about a month or so.