View Full Version : HELL HATH NO FURY is recruiting five.

12-29-2011, 07:32 AM
On the verge of getting to guild level 25 I have decided to open the ship up to 5 more people.

This guild will remain at all times 6 accounts.....not characters...but accounts....bring as many characters as you like.

Reasons being....

1. this is not going to become a spam guild
2. we will always have the highest possible guild renown bonus
3. the 5 selected hopefully will never feel lost in the shuffle

I am looking for people who are capable of me vouching for them in raid parties, as we will never have the capability of doing a full 12 person raid with just guildies but would not be against trying with just all 6 guild members if we ever had an urge to.

All members will immediately be given officer status.......there will be no grief bootings.

There is absolutely no pressure for contributing guild renown......altho you will be booted if you are continuously causing decay due to lack of playing...this is only fair to the people who expect ship progression who do play often....yes I am looking for regular consistent players.

I only play one character...so I am generally never absent for too long....vacant guild leader will not be an issue.

If for any reason someone is booted I will immediately re-instate one of my dummy accounts so we are once again at full renown small guild bonus.

If you are interested...send a PM or message me in game......it's the same character as my sig: Waiyanagaiaw

For any curious, if Turbine was a bit more liberal about uppercase usage it would read wAiyanaGaiaw

12-29-2011, 09:57 AM
Assuming from the guild name that it's an all-female guild?