View Full Version : LFM notifications

12-22-2011, 12:25 PM
It would be nice if there were a service that would send us a /tell when an LFM comes up for a quest that we want to run. I want to run the Shroud this morning on my Fighter (60th Shroud and I'm going to TR afterwards). I'm farming stuff on my Wizard until that happens because some kind soul cast a greater Gem of Fortune on me instead of themselves by accident. :)

I'd be happy to stop soloing, swap over to my Fighter and jump in that PUG, but only if I actually happen to see it.

Some kind of notification that shows up in my chat window (that isn't just "Standard" or "DM" since I tend to turn those off) when an LFM for my desired quest(s) show up would be really handy.