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12-12-2011, 03:32 PM
So I've been playing LOTRO again the past few weeks and thinking how neat it would be if DDO had a legendary item system in it...except done right :) So here is my suggestion for such a system with an explanation of the goals and mechanics of such a system...


* Create an ingame system that has speciality powerful items that level up and provide unique and interesting powers.
* Have said system play nice with the rest of the game's systems.
* Make the items from this system not the norm, but truly exceptional and rare in a game where very little in the game is anything but.
* Provide another incentive for players to play endgame content.
* Provide an avenue for some sort of advancement even at cap.
* Provide another method for characters to be truly unique.
* While providing a best in slot probabilty these items would not eliminate the demand for other best in slot items such as epic SoS, epic charged guantlets...
* Give the item developers lots of new powers to choose from for new named items and craftable loot.

Basic Concept:

* Legendary items gain levels through accumulating xp as you quest. As they gain levels they gain more customizable (by the player) abilities and more random powerful unique abilities. Legendary items do not cap out on power. They keep on growing, but their xp curve is exponential. Legendary items gain xp based upon how much xp your character earns not their own level.
* Legendary items are rare...think epic SoS rare for any legendary item period, but each being fairly unique makes each one probably unique in the game.
* Legendary items can be of any item slot type. Some are more common then others, but all are possible. Weapons being the most common type and returning ammunition being the least (quivers are also incredibly rare).
*Legendary items do not gain random abilities based upon your build. They gain truly random abilities, but each one is powerful and almost none of them exist elsewhere ingame.
*Legendary items only drop in the end chests of epic quests, raids, and truly endgame raids on elite/epic. The odds of them dropping depends upon the quest/raid as does the base item type.



Legendary items can be named by a character at anytime. They can be renamed without penality.
Legendary items can have any appropriate skin applied to them. They can also have their focus orb picture changed. This would be done through a reskin altar where you place a legendary item in it with another item with the desired skin/picture.
Leveling Mechanics:

Legendary items gain item XP, if and only if, you toggle for each individual item to share your xp. This is a cost because each legendary item that is gaining xp on your toon takes away an equal share of the xp you would normally earn. For example, if you are running a quest that would grant you 5K XP upon completion and you have two legendary items toggled to gain XP you would instead gain 5K XP/3 as would each of your legendary items...See the point below the next for an additional note about this.
Legendary items would gain NO xp when you complete content under level as there is nothing legendary about trouncing under level content.
Legendary items always thirst for power even when not actively told to take xp from your toon. Each legendary item on your toon or in their inventory applies a 5% debuff to earned xp. This is taken off before experience is awarded.
Epic quests would have to be given appropriate xp.
The leveling chart for legendary items is exponential with the formula 2500 XP * Level ^2 required for the level. So that a tenth level legendary item would require 2.5 Million and a 25th level legendary item would have 83.88608 Million XP.
Every level a legendary item gained would grant more legendary skill points to spend on item enhancements for your legendary item.
Every five levels your legendary item gained would grant it another +1 craftable bonus through cannith crafting (This would be over-writtable prefix+suffix just like for blank craftable items).
Every three levels your legendary item would gain one rare random special power and one at first level. These powers would be powerful and a large part of the power of these legendary items.
Weapons would not gain increased base damage, crit range, or other base characteristics, but these could all be increased through either the unique random powers or legendary skill points.
Legendary Skill Points:

Powers would be purchased from a table very similar in format to the AP table. They could be changed around as you wished at the Legendary item altar.
Cost per rank of a power would increase for each rank in most cases much like the AP costs do.
Powers are the familar powers found on items of these types. +Stats, +skills, +exceptional stats, and such. Additionally, more rare powers are unlocked as the item reaches certain levels such as GS tier 3 powers and certain epic item powers. Also of importance is that item base types (for armor/shields/weapons) of all types can be purchased from these tables as well as increased base stats for these item types such as base damage, max dex, and such.
The purchase of these powers will provide reliably good items as well as the craftable +X slot regardless of what random powers are rolled.
Random Powers:

These are earned once every three levels with one being given also upon item generation.
Some of the more powerful existing item abilites are on this list (but are only applied to appropriate item types) including tier 3 GS item powers and epic item powers. Additionally there is a laundry list of other powers. At least 100 powers possible regardless of the item type to start.
Additional available powers include things like stacking dr, stacking AC, stacking damage dice, stacking save dcs, stacking extra spell levels, pure percentage decreases from attacks that stack, stacking save bonuses, stacking healing amp, energy absorbtion (percentage amount of damage from one elemental/negative energy type is converted to healing energy), evasion, and other normally only available as class abilities. Some other fun powers include -X% from spell damage, immunity to specific planar effects (mostly useful for future content, but would see some wow factor when linked for abbot), immunity to specific spells, and dramatic bonuses versus certain mob types. These powers are the true wow that item is unique and cool factor of these items and they are meant to be really powerful and unique. With these items being so incredibly rare and the list being so large for these random powers (and re-rolls of stacking powers being possible) the perfect item will probably never exist...but some pretty dang interesting ones will.
Due to the random nature of these powers it is likely that many of these bonuses will not be valuable at all to the toon with the item, but could result in truly WOW type combinations for those lucky lotto winners who both pull these items and get lucky on their random properties.
Other details:

Legendary items have an ML of zero and no race requirements. This is NOT changed by any rituals or cannith crafting performed on them.
Legendary items are bound to character UPON EQUIP. This makes it possible to transfer them or even sell them prior to equipping them.
Legendary items are the ultimate twink gear, but they also cost you xp when you carry them around. A decision then has to be made if it is worth having your legendary item/s on you while you level a TR.
Drop rates of legendary items as described above are truly rare. Expect one legendary item (of any type) to drop as commonly as about the second rarest to rarest item on a particular quest/raid's loot table. This, of course, makes it incredibly rare for a specific weapon type to drop. Expect this rarity and the high power level of these items to have players breaking up their otherwise perfect gearsets and using some otherwise junk weapon types, but also not relying on pulling a good legendary weapon or belt due to the odds of actually getting one of these items for the right slot.
Power Creep:

These items would certainly reflect a power creep element into the game. However, their rarity and randomness would reduce the odds of players running around with many of them.
This power creep due to the randomness and rarity could not be relied upon by players forming groups for content making the need to balance content specifically for certain powers or combinations unneeded.
With any power increase an increase in future content difficulty at endgame would be in order.

12-12-2011, 08:50 PM
This is a really cool idea, but I think this would also be too hard to fit into the game and too easy to really screw it up and make 1 in 1,000,000 not a total /facepalm to see people using.

12-13-2011, 01:04 AM
Boils down to having a weapon whose ability is that the level tiers change with your level and the drawback is that you can only have one.

This is not out of line, think of a greensteel or alchemical weapon that you can only have one.
Or a cove/challenges weapon that it has a lv 4/8/12/16/20 progression but can change back if you TR.

And there's such weapons in PnP too, so there's precedent.

12-13-2011, 01:48 AM
While the idea is nice... I'm going to point a tiny thing. ( just nitpicking, I have nothing against the idea :D )

Any item beyond a plain +5 item is technically qualified as an artifact in D&D.

So any greensteel item, all the Alchemical item, all the named raid loot... and all the Epic items are technically Legendary Artifacts.

We already have legendary items in game... they are just different from what you're describing.

12-13-2011, 10:37 AM
Since people are giving TLDR versions that I find kind of questionable let me give my own here and hopefully if people find it interesting they will read the whole OP.


New item type called legendary items. They are super rare and can be of any type that fits in a body slot (weapon, ammo, quiver, accessory, shield, or armor). They only drop from endgame end chests. These items can siphon off some of your earned xp to gain levels themselves. You then get to choose item powers from a list much like the AP list (can reset easily outside of quests). They also gain powerful random powers every 3 levels. These you have no control over and are what make these items truly unique. Tooting around more of these at one time (for the true power gamers) actually hurt the total xp you get more and more for each one you carry (which effects how much xp they gain also). You can turn off their ability to level (and siphon off your xp) at will, but the only way to not suffer the total xp hit that they give is to bank them. They are bound to character upon equip.

Super TLDR:

Super powerful and pretty much unique items due to extreme rarity that can gain xp, that you can customize, and that gain some crazy powerful random stuff that you can not customize.

12-13-2011, 10:26 PM
Some questions:

Would the items level be dropped if your running below the level of the item? I mean 5% xp penalty is not an issue, and having a level 25 item (I know, practically impossible) would be game breaking beyond belief at low levels (heck, even at high levels).

Why would the items not cap out on power? I mean, shouldn't they have an upper limit? As an idea, how would you feel about giving the items an upper limit, and some legendary items would have more levels than others (of course, these would be less likely to spawn than lower cap items)?

You talked about weapons, would there also be things such as armor or body slots? I would like to see these as well.

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12-13-2011, 11:05 PM
Legendary items can be named by a character at anytime. They can be renamed without penality.

Name your legendary items? I like it. Now, excuse me while Betsy and I go lay waste to some demons... :D

In all likelihood I'd never get my hands on a legendary item... but it could make things a wee bit more interesting.

I'm all for the concept... just a matter of debating the details - of which I cannot comment at the moment.